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Mississauga MLS Realtor

Mississauga Realtor

Mississauga MLS Relator

If you are wondering what an MLS Realtor in Mississauga can do for you, you need look no further than Sean Azim. Sean offers a variety of different service packages to save you thousands in commission !

Depending on which package you end up retaining Sean for, whether full service or otherwise, you will always get 100% of Sean’s expertise and assistance throughout the process. Having a Mississauga MLS Realtor like Sean on your side will make all the different.

Evaluate your Property

One of the first things that an MLS Realtor will do for you is evaluate the property. This price may or may or may not be what you expected, a lot of factors will be considered. A good MLS Realtor will know the local market very well and be able to suggest a selling point. A factor that can affect the price of your home will be what other homes in the area are selling for and what other homes are sold for.

Provide Expert Experience

An MLS Realtor will also be able to recommend an inspection depending on the age of the home, work already done or visible imperfections. The advantage of inspecting a home before putting it on the market is to avoid any unforeseen defects before putting your home on the market. Many buyers now days will want an inspection done before they firm the offer and hidden issues with your home can seriously sour an offer. Further, another thing an MLS Realtor can do for you is suggest improvements to your home. Many people get accustomed to the “uniqueness” of their home without understanding that a few simple renovations or updates can mean significant returns.


Another way an MLS Realtor can help you is buy tapping into their network. Agents usually know one another and know what is on the market. Sometimes your agent might be able to get the inside scoop on a property of interest or use their connections to ensure your property gets the attention you want.

Advertising and Marketing

Licensed Realtors have the ability to post listings for your home free on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is an internal database used by agents in the field and is a national search engine for the buying, selling and renting of properties. A good MLS Realtor will know what to include in these postings to maximize your results.

Organize Prospects

Having an MLS Realtor at your side also means you have someone to keep your realty needs organized. Keeping track of potential buyers, showings, viewings and following up on leads are just some of the regular tasks that a Realtor can do for you.

Negotiate Offers

When it comes time to it, your MLS Realtor will be your primary negotiator. They will do everything in their ability to ensure that you are not only treated fairly but that your best interests are fought for.

If you are looking for a Mississauga MLS Realtor, than Sean is your man. Check out the great packages he has developed to help save you money!

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Real Estate Agent with Low Commission Fees

Realtor with Low Commission Fees

Real Estate Agent with Low Commission Fees

Are you looking for real estate agent with low commission fees? Then don’t look any further, Sean understands that everyone has unique needs as everyone has a different concept of what their dream home is. Sean is dedicated to ensuring that your needs are met accurately and efficiently, with the highest possible chance for success. Sean has a wealth of experience when it comes to meeting your needs and would be more than happy to apply his years of experience and in depth knowledge to your realty goals.

As a highly skilled professional, Sean will have a consultation with you to gather initial information on what exactly you are looking for. He will take into consideration all your criteria and effectively search for properties that may interest you while also intuitively providing you with other options.

He will guide you through how to properly complete the applications and answer the questions should you have any when it comes down to making a deal. You will never be rushed and can trust that he will always work for the best price for you, whether buying or selling. Sean is committed to his clients and will never play “both sides of the field.”

One reason that people keep referring Sean or coming back for repeat service is that his commission cannot be beat. If you are looking for a real estate agent with low commission fees, than look no further.

The typical commission fee for a listing agent and buying agent combined, in Mississauga, is 5%. 5% of your $500,000.00 property, for example, means that you will be paying out $25,000.00 to the agents responsible for the sale. This is usually the standard fee for such sales but Sean goes above and beyond the norm when it comes to client service and satisfaction. As the listing agent, Sean is willing to offer a reduced commission of just 0.5%! On a similar home, this means that your saving an exception amount of money on the selling of your property.

Sean will be your strongest asset when it comes to buying, renting or selling your property. You can count on him for fast, effective, thoughtful and determined service who’s prices won’t be beat.

The commission fees of any Realtor are always negotiable but agents are typically not recommended to go below 5% as there is a great deal of work involved in buying or selling a home. For Sean, it is not about the money, it is about helping you achieve your goals. There is no better reward for him than knowing he helped another satisfied client reach their goals. To a Realtor, referrals are the best payment and Sean knows that his high standard of client service is what keeps people coming back.

As a Real Estate Agent with low commission fees, Sean offers three different affordable packages:

Low Commission MLS Listing for all the same service and high level of client satisfaction at low costs to you;

Flat Fee MLS Listing for those who want even more reduced savings and can retain Sean up front; and finally

The Do-It-Yourself MLS Listing (For Sale By Owner) for those who wish to handle their own representation but still want their property marketed on MLS, contact Sean and he would be happy to post your listing on this agent exclusive listing.

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Mississauga Real Estate Agent

Sean Azim Mississauga Real Estate Agent Realtor

Mississauga Realtor

In today’s busy and fast paced lifestyle, we often rely on the expertise of others to assist us make those big decisions that have long term effects. If you are in the market to buy or sell your property in Mississauga, an Real Estate Agent or Realtor is often the first step to seeing this done.

However, finding an Real Estate Agent (Realtor) in Mississauga who can get the job done for you is often easier said than done. Here are a few tips that can help you decide on choosing the right Realtor.

  1. Meet the Real Estate Agent in their working environment, not their office. Good agents spend little time at their desks.
  2. Find out how long the Real Estate Agent has been working in the field and what their success rate is like. You will want an agent who has experience closing deals and is willing to go the extra mile for your needs.
  3. Speak to friends or family who might be able to recommend an Real Estate Agent (Realtor) in your area, like Mississauga, that they had a positive experience with. It is one way to get a good reference on someone who will be working for you.
  4. Make sure your agent is tech savvy. Most business these days is conducted online and the same can be said for listings. You will want an agent who is accustomed to having an online presence, being available to buyers and sellers alike.
  5. Look for signs that the Real Estate Agent is busy. A real proactive agent will have to make time for you but don’t get side railed to an assistant. A good agent will make time for you no matter their busy schedule.
  6. Your Mississauga Realtor (Real Estate Agent) must be confident and knowledgeable. They should be able to answer all your questions, they should have the answers, it’s their livelihood after all. They should also be able to confidently use this knowledge to your advantage, especially when closing deals.
  7. Look into the Real Estate Agent. How respected are they? A good agent will need to network and work cooperatively with other agents if you expect them to be able to close the deal on your dream home.

Above all else, you need to be comfortable working with your Mississauga agent (Realtor). This new relationship will most likely be a long lasting one so be sure that your agent works best for you.

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Mississauga Low Commission Real Estate Agent



$1 to $199,999 property price, low commission rate of 1.25% Listing Commission in Mississauga
$200,000 to $399,999 property price, low commission rate of 1.0 % Listing Commission in Mississauga
$300,000 to $499,999 property price, low commission rate of 0.85% Listing Commission in Mississauga
$500,000 to $999,999 property price, low commission rate of 0.75% Listing Commission in Mississauga
1 Million $ property price, low rate of + 0.5% Listing Commission in Mississauga
Keep in mind that common commission paid to the buyer agent is 2.5% in Mississauga
Call Sean today and save thousands in real estate commission 416 829 8210

Now you can get full MLS listing services for a very low commission in Mississauga, hire a Full Service Mississauga Realtor (Mississauga Real Estate Agent) for low commission. In today’s market, Mississauga Real Estate Agents (Realtors) work on a commission basis and receive payment only after the successful completion of a sale. As the property seller, you will be asked to agree to pay this commission as a fee for the agent’s (Realtor’s) services. The commission is usually stated as a percentage of the total sale price or as a fixed dollar amount. Note that HST is applicable to commissions.

The commission rate charged by Real Estate Agents (Realtors) is neither fixed by law nor by any real estate board in Ontario (Mississauga); it is negotiable between you and the Real Estate Agents (Realtors)  you engage to help you sell your property. The seller’s brokerage traditionally pays portion of the commission to the buyer agent’s (Realtor’s) brokerage.

Traditional commission rates are in the 5% and 6% range, around Mississauga. However some Real Estate Agents (Realtors) might charge less. Usually half of the total commission paid goes to co-operating broker (Real Estate Agents Realtor) who works for the Buyer when searching property through MLS). You also can find Real Estate Agents (Realtors) who will charge a very low commission fees for selling your home. But don’t expect this rate discount from all agents.

Realtors (Real Estate Agent) who charge low commissions specialize and focus on clients who can’t afford to pay high fees when selling their property either on MLS or exclusivly, yet they need the service of an Real Estate Agents (Realtor) to sell their property. I also have to make this very clear that by charging low commissions I don’t intend to take away business from my fellow Real Estate Agents (Realtors)  or discount the services they provide for the fees charged. Similarly I have no problem with a property owner who can afford to pay 5 or 6% commissions.

I have had the pleasure of helping many families who otherwise could not afford to hire an Real Estate Agents (Realtor) to sell their home if they were to pay 5% commissions when selling their property.

If you have a Condo, Townhouse or a house in Mississauga area and looking to save thousands of dollars in commission with my Mississauga low commission MLS package please call me. I’ll be happy to meet you in person and answer any questions or concerns you might have with regards to listing your Mississauga property for low commission.

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Your Mississauga Real Estate Agent (Realtor)

Will Save you $ in commission

I offer Flat Fee MLS listing, Just MLS listing (Mere listing) which is do it yourself also known as For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and low commission MLS listing, in Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Milton, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and any area within 100 km from Tororonto, which includes all of GTA and surrounding area.

My Services: Low Commission MLS Listing | Mere MLS Listing | Full Service Flat Fee MLS Listing | Mississauga Buyer Agent

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