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For Sale By Owner (FESBO) With MLS Listing

list your house on mls without Realtor

I can offer you a flat fee for listing your Mississauga House or condo on MLS without representation. Which means I’ll just upload your property information on MLS and you will take care of the rest. This is same as For Sale By Owner (FSBO) but with the power of MLS system. You will find more information on how to list your Mississauga property on this site, but if you have any questions please feel free to call me.

How much do you charge to list my Mississauga property on MLS?

I charge a flat fee of $799 to list your property on MLS, you can always upgrade to full representation Flat Fee MLS package at any time. Your property will go on Toronto MLS and also Realtor.ca which will give access to public to see your listing.

MLS” stands for ‘multiple listing service’ which is a database owned by real estate boards and their regional trade associations.

MLS systems are the primary channel for publicizing listings among agents and brokerages. Every day, new listings enter the MLS database and flow to all subscribing agents and services.

Getting Listed on you Local Mississauga MLS FAQ

Can you list your property on MLS without going through Realtor?

No you can not list your property on MLS without a Realtor. MLS is a member base system, Realtors pay to maintain the MLS system. Public do not have direct access to MLS, only Realtor have access to MLS system. Realtor can charge you a MLS listing fee or Commission to have your property on MLS.

How to list on MLS in Mississauga?

You can hire a Realtor and pay him for his services to have your property on MLS. The Realtor might charge a Flat fee (Real Estate Flat Rate) or a commission for his/her services.

What is the cost of Listing my Property on MLS in Mississauga?

Not every brokerage allow flat fee for listing for just MLS listing. There is no fixed flat fee rate, each and every Realtor or Real estate agent have a different pricing, based on location and level of services you require.

Can a Realtor from Ontario list your property anywhere in Canada?

No, Ontario Realtors are license only in Ontario, and can not, and have no access to other Province’s MLS system. However they can list any property on MLS in Ontario.

Is MLS listing same as Private listing?

No, MLS listing gets your property on Realtor.ca, local MLS system, but theprivate sites just list it on their own site.

Hope those answers were helpful

In the past, MLS listings have been a ‘secret weapon’ because real estate agents (Realtors) had exclusive access to the data in the database they owned. Now, though, MLS listings can be found across numerous internet sites that often add additional valuable data, such as the most recent sale price for each home.

Some agents try to control access to MLS data by requiring that potential buyers enter their contact information before being allowed to see details about a property that interests them.


Things to Know About the MLS

  • MLS results don’t add up to the national sales figures reported by the National Association of Realtors. The NAR uses a formula that projects sales based on a sampling of regional sales.
  • MLS systems must allow discount and ‘by owner’ listings entered by licensed agents. Numerous court decisions affirm the right of agents to operate their businesses as they see fit, even if that means that full-price agents are annoyed when ‘by owner’ listings are entered into the MLS by a discount-fee agent.
  • MLS sales reports are a good estimate of market activity, but are not the final word. Participating agents often postpone paperwork such as entering ‘sold’ listings into the MLS. County property and tax records are the most authoritative source for actual sales, though it takes time for the latest sales to show up in those systems.

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I offer Flat Fee MLS listing, Just MLS listing (Mere listing) which is do it yourself also known as For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and low commission MLS listing, in Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Milton, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and any area within 100 km from Tororonto, which includes all of GTA and surrounding area.

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